Chef knife - Performance ,Rustic, Traditional, Hand Forged, Handcrafted,Unique, Fair-trade, 10cm blade


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This fair-trade asian kitchen knife not only impresses with its rustic charm, but above all with its outstanding sharpness and easy re-sharpening.

this small knife is the most simple version of our knife collection.

The knifes are traditionally handcrafted in small family businesses in villages in Vietnam. This business keeps those villages alive. Chinese mass production of steel is a big threat for these people and many have to leave their villages to look for jobs in the big cities...just to end up in poor circumstances. Buying these beautiful knifes helps to protect the old village structures!

each knife is unique.

The blades can be sharpened quickly and easily on unglazed ceramic and are very versatile. very easy to get them sharp as razorblade

The 1 millimeter thin blades in particular glide through fruit & vegetables - so that the preparation of food is quick and effortless.

Facts in short:

† 99.8% iron / carbon steel blades

† very sharp and easy to cut

† easy to sand

† Sharpening: with a ceramic sharpening rod or the unpainted base of a porcelain plate or cup

† beautiful dark patina and rustic wood

† Handles made from the timber cedar tree / paternoster tree

+++ Please note: Each of our knives is handcrafted and therefore unique. Since it is not produced by a machine, there may be slight deviations from the photo in the color of the blade and the handle. +++

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